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 And that takes time. So while we are building this amazing art website where you create art from our original images or edit our finished artwork, check out our blog to learn tips on creating and finding the right artwork and decor for your home. 

Join our community so we can keep you posted on our progress and give you sneak peaks at what we are building.

Update:  Surprise! We have had a name change and created a fun new look. So much going on and the launch is close at hand!



While our platform is created, be sure to check out Inner Artist's expressions on all things art, interior design, and do-it-yourself projects.


An engaged community helps us to build a platform that everyone will want to open and start creating their own inspired artwork. 

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We are looking for artists for our marketplace

Are you an artist looking for another platform to show your creativity and sell your work in our marketplace?

Inner Artist is offering artists just like you, the ability to design artwork for others to purchase, creating another way for you to generate revenue.  

Interested in learning more?  Send us a brief note and we will reach back out to you shortly. 


Lisa Manzi, Founder of Inner Artist, has over 20 years of interior design experience working with hundreds of clients.


"Each client is unique and what surrounds them in their homes should be as unique as they are."


Artwork, color and finishing touches make a house a home.  Which is why she created Inner a way for people to customize and create the right artwork and accessories that make their home a reflection of who they are.

Whether that art is framed on a wall, or as a pillow or an area rug for their home... "helping people design their own art and customize their space so they can say, hey...I made that, and have them be proud".  That is what she strives for.

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