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May 2, 2017

One, two, three…take a deep breath and……I have a recliner in my home (and not the more modern ones)!   There. That’s it. I said it!


I am a hypocrite….I know that.  What you don’t know is; every client that I have ever worked with is picking his or her jaw up off of the table right now! I have systematically removed recliners from homes or moved them into the man cave for over a decade. It was in their best interest...really... :-) 


Why did I do this? Mostly because they’ve been...shall we say....not the most attractive chairs, they are over-sized and honestly…they don’t usually fit into the decor that I was creating for my client (and let’s face it, most wives hate the way they have looked anyway).  But...we will certainly be the first to jump into one when the opportunity arises in someone else's home. Am I right? Admit it, guilty!


So why do I have one in my own home? Simple. My husband, Keith (He's probably not happy about me throwing him under the bus here....). A ways back, when redesigning our family room he gave me the okay to do whatever I wanted (back when larger scale furniture was in style) …BUT…(always a but) there would have to be a recliner involved. I decided I could work with that. It was just one chair....I got the rest of the room..right?  Sure, it was a hard pill to swallow but it made him happy and that made me happy.  


Years passed and we had put our furniture in storage while we lived abroad.  Upon returning and seeing the recliner...I hated it more than ever.  Styles had changed over the years and I was wanting a change as well.  We agreed it was time for something new.  The recliner was going to go!!  Yay!.  That was 4 years ago! And what have I done since then? I should have jumped all over that and bought new furniture, right? Nope. I was too busy (or should I say lazy). I put it off. I did nothing. Go figure. Now it’s all on me.  


Now before all of the recliner lovin’ readers start writing me hate mail….you need to know this: I am not against recliners!  Especially the ones that are made today.  Recliners are seeing a brighter future. Furniture designers are finally creating them with clean lines and hidden controls. They are not the big puffy monsters of days gone by.  I removed them from clients home because there were better options for the space. For all of you reclining folks out there, let that recliner flag fly high! Own it, if that is what you love. There is no right or wrong in the end. Only what you enjoy.


So!... this is one of my first blogs after introducing myself to you.  I should be dazzling you with my decor knowledge! Helping you to improve the look of your home and building up your confidence in me, right? Well, that would be the smart thing to do, and the most logical. But instead I’m letting you know that I have a recliner in my home (and one of the older...not so clean lines style). I do this because I want to let you know that some designers aren’t perfect. That’s right, you heard me. I am human, just like you. We have lives, children and husbands. Which also means that designers, like you, have to take into consideration, others peoples view points and wants when it comes to decor.  We are busy and our own homes are not always perfect and some of us (meaning me) don’t always practice what we preach (ahem…..clearing my throat).  


By the time our day is done, it is hard to focus on the design of our own homes. So we ( again...) put it off for another day. Sound familiar? Now, of course there are many designers out there that do have the amazing, put together homes, that we (myself included) all love to look at on Houzz or Pinterest (and so many other home decor websites.)


I mean,  don’t we all aspire to create something of beauty? Of course!

Me? I love my home. It’s actually perfect for us, but it’s far from “magazine” perfect. You see, having the perfect home doesn’t mean it’s always photo shoot worthy. Having the perfect home means it’s where you are the happiest. It’s where you feel loved and safe. My home is my space and my comfort zone.  It’s where I live an amazing life with my husband Keith and our 3 fur babies; Luna (14), Loki (1) and Zuzu (1). Our space reflects us, our lives and our travels.

Now.. would I like to finish it one day to be perfect? Hell yeah….but I’ll just put that on the to-do list with the recliner.

So now it’s your turn!  What is your decor secret story?  I know there are a million out there 😊



 Image source

 This is my idea of a beautiful, very comfortable option to a recliner.



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