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June 23, 2017


Spruce up your home for summer with my four easy tips!


Adding some pretty summer dresses and cute sandals is a great way to freshen up your summer wardrobe ....but what about getting that fun summer update for your home?  I'll give you a few quick and easy interior design ideas to make your decor as fun, bright and memorable as summer is.  


Accent pillows

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a space in your home is by adding throw pillows.  They are easy to find and...luckily...the styles usually change with the seasons.  So right now there are plenty of summer choices out there for you to have fun with.  


So with so many choices, what do you look for? Are you more of a soothing, relaxed kind of person? Happy to chill and kick back? Then maybe pastel pillows are for you or a soft watercolor pattern. Add some glitter or sequins for a subtle fun twist.  Are you a classic? Then a true crisp navy and white will always work for summer. Bold solids or stripes mixed with ikat patterns make blues the color of summer.  Don’t forget that burlap or textured linen goes really well with navy. How about Outdoorsy? Yes? Then go Green! Patterns with green are always refreshing.   Maybe happy is ....your happy place?  Then go with a mix!  Pinks, blues, yellows, green and salmon are all fabulous together!  Mix patterns on patterns, be bold!  Don't forget quotation pillows!  Inspiration and playful go a long way to making summer fun!


Tip: Make sure that your pillows aren’t all the same fabric.  Mix textures and sizes.  I absolutely adore the pom pom trend right now!!!!


Layla Grace

 Williams Sonoma

 Mrs. Darcy 

2. Add greenery

If you haven't noticed, succulents are everywhere now, and when I mean everywhere.... I mean everywhere!  They are even at check out counters as impulse buys!  So, they are readily available but my favorite place to buy them is from the farmers market here in Orlando and local plant or flower shops. Greenery always brightens up a space and helps to clean the air which is always a good thing.  Placing the plant in a small pot on a stack of books or magazines that are on a side table or coffee table is a great place to display your new purchase.  Tucking one on a bookshelf is a nice touch as well.  When selecting what to place it in...look around the space for inspiration.  If you are placing it on a glass table, then plant it in a piece of brightly colored pottery or a lined wooden bowl.  If there isn't much glass around, then plant it in a glass bowl so you have a bit of shimmer in the space.  There are countless options including several different sizes, and you can also hang some, or even create a succulent/plant wall.


Pewter and Sage

3. Maximize the light in your room

There is nothing better than natural sunlight. In the summer months, we like to be outdoors and enjoy the sun and the long days. Bring that sunlight indoors!  Lighting can make a small place look and feel more open. If you have thick and dark curtains, swap them for a lightweight cotton or sheer in a light color. This opens up the room, making it feel larger and lighter.  Maximizing the light in your space might mean that you could rearrange some furniture. Move things around to allow for the best access to natural light and movement within your space. A good example is taking the ottoman or bench seat that is closer to a fireplace or coffee table and putting it in front of a window.  Creating someplace bright to read a good book or have a lemonade and enjoy the view.



 4. Add a new art piece

Whether it's a whole wall filled with several art pieces, or placing just one as the center of attention, adding a new piece of art can brighten any room. There's nothing that finishes a space more and speaks to who you are than art. It adds color, personality, and sophistication to any home. Art does not have to be expensive but it should be something you love. I mean, after all, you will look at it every single day you are home. So even if it does compliment the room, if it isn’t your taste, I would say wait till you find the art piece you love.  You may not realize it, but it's right around the corner.   

I know sometimes it’s hard and frustrating not being able to find that special piece for your home. You know what it looks like in your will know it when you see it...but the search seems endless. With Inner Artist, we are changing the way art is created. You will be able to customize and create the right artwork, for the right space.  And that means artwork, accessories, and decor that work for you, will be easier to find and in the end, you get the home you dream of.



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