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June 26, 2017


Is your home filled with old items you can’t seem to let go of? With everything in the way, you can’t visualize the space...which means you can’t move forward to organize and decorate your home the way you really want to. Let me share a few tried and true steps to help you declutter, organize and revitalize that space so people can see the real gem under all that...stuff.


Let's be honest here, some of us have some ‘junk’ lying around the house, and some have more than others. That is why we can all benefit from getting rid of clutter and things we don't need or haven’t used in a while.  A lack of proper storage is also a huge reason clutter begins to build up.  You don’t have to have huge closets, you just need the right storage.


Before I begin, you have to understand that this is a project that can possibly take a few days. Make sure to focus on one room at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed and can successfully declutter your home. If this is too much and you don’t have that kind of time then do one closet or drawer or cabinet at a time. Small actions can really add up and you will feel so much better. Let’s begin!



Have three big boxes ready to place items in each box. One can be named ‘sell /donate’, one can be ‘storage’, and one can be ‘throw away.’ This will help you avoid gathering piles of items on the floor.


Take out all items from drawers, closets, cabinets, and even items from under the bed. You will be surprised at what you forgot you have.  Don’t stop there though...take down the art from the walls also.   Work systematically around the space and little by little you will start seeing the amount of space you forgot you had.


Pick up each item and decide if you will keep it.  If not, it has to be placed in a box, this will help you decide what you want to do with that specific item and avoid putting it to the side, and keeping it.


Tip: Avoid keeping the filled boxes around to give away later. Do it now, and finish the process! Take the bags and boxes out to the trash or to donate immediately. If you are giving something to a friend or family member put it in your car and arrange the quickest time you can drop it off. The last thing you want is to organize your home and keep everything in boxes around your home that you want to get rid of.




So now that the clutter is gone….organization is the key!!!  Clean and uncluttered rooms make us feel more organized and happy.  Here area few organization and storage ideas for the items that you are keeping so the space doesn’t become cluttered again.


Desk area

Problem: Most of us have our hands full when we walk in the door so we drop the mail, the keys, the homework and bills on top of the first space available.  It becomes the Bermuda triangle of….everything.  


Solution:  A desk area.  Whether it is in the mudroom, kitchen, the corner of a bedroom or even a small closet….you need a space to organize.  Not just a desktop though...go vertical and really use the space above and below with file cabinets and shelves.  And make it pretty so you you feel good when you need to use the space.


Tip:  wallpaper or a fun color with artwork can make a simple space really pop.


 Decor Pad


 Decor Pad

Laundry Room:

Problem: This room is a room for cleaning things and sometimes it is the most cluttered space. Clothes in piles on the floor, detergent sitting on the washer, ironing board and mops leaning against the wall. Argh!


Solution: Label laundry baskets by the way you do wash loads such as towels, delicates, darks, etc. to keep the dirty clothes in their proper place.  If you don’t have upper cabinets, hang shelves.  If you don’t have a closet, install some pegboard so you can hang your mops and brooms.  You can mix purpose with decor and have pretty mason jars with detergent pods or clothes pins.  Put the dryer sheets in a basket instead of looking at the tattered box.  The little touches all add up to a more enjoyable space.


Tip: If you have the budget, Decorate and hang some artwork.  Make a room you are in (far too often) someplace that can make you smile.


 Twelve On Main


 Thrifty Decor Chick



Problem: This is supposed to be your quiet space, but the kids have left their toys in there.  The dog sleeps on the bed so you don’t bother with a nice comforter and you have piles of clothes to organize sitting in the corner. Not to mention the laptops plugged in at your nightstands on top of the hand cream, your book, and a pair of eyeglasses.  Clutter, clutter clutter.  There is no unwinding here.


Solution: Have a basket in the corner of the room for the kids stuff.  Tell them they can only keep what fits in the basket in your room.  The rest has to go back into their space. I know we all love our pets, so give them a great pet bed….on the floor. If they have a comfy space they will stop messing up your comfy space. Find a dog bed that complements your room. This way, you can have a nice comforter and fluffy can have his own space curled up next to your bed. Last..get nightstands that have drawers! Open airy nightstands without drawers are useless.  In this case you need function over form.  Put away the glasses and book and hand cream if you aren’t using them.  You can also throw the laptops in a drawer as not to disturb you by having them in your sight line when it is time to sleep.


Tip:  Inner Artist has pet beds that you can print artwork on for Fluffy on! Make your pet's space as nice as your own.


 Andee Layne






Problem:  You have old framed posters from college, or maybe a faded Van Gogh or Degas print from your first apartment or even artwork from your childhood bedroom.  You couldn’t part with these items and you don’t like them enough to hang them... and now they are leaning against a wall, in the way, gathering dust and waiting for you to do something with them.


Solution: Know when to let go.  You will never hang the old faded out of date artwork.  Your tastes have changed.  There is no shame in that.  Donate them.  If they are too faded, throw away the art and donate the frame….that is probably out of date as well.  If you can’t part with the piece because it has sentimental value (but don’t want to hang it) then take art out of the frame and put the art in a scrap book.


Now that you have gotten rid of the ones you don’t want, how do you incorporate old art in your new space? Create a mix wall!  You take what you want to keep and reframe if needed (probably) and mix it in with new art.  Maybe add something like a marquis sign or wood panel with a quote to give the wall character and dimension.  Wall mounted planters for air plants are great also. This makes for an art wall that is easily changed as your tastes and style evolves.


So!  the skies have parted now that you have decluttered your home.  You have a clean canvas to start adding the right furniture, accessories and art that bring you joy. Check out Inner Artist for creating these accessories and art pieces that you’ve always envisioned having in your home.


I hope these tips have helped! I would love to hear from you! Join our community!





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