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June 19, 2017



Does your man have a cave? The days of throwing all of his”stuff” into a room and calling it a man cave is over.  It can be a great space that your significant other enjoys and is proud of instead of it being the source of a joke.  Today I am helping you find your aesthetic and choosing wall art to compliment the space.  


As an Interior Designer, I love any opportunity to create a space that a client can relax in and enjoy. Not always….but most of the time, women have the majority of the say in the decor of the home. Removing all signs of concert posters, bulky worn in and worn out furniture and random sports memorabilia is usually the first step.  Giving all of the man's ” treasured items” a new lease on life in a room dedicated to his comfort ultimately leads to creating a man cave which can be essential to your home and happiness.


So!  Now you have a room filled with mismatched, old random stuff.  What do you do?  How do you move forward?




Step 1: Pick a design aesthetic.

Deciding this is very important as it affects all decisions down the road.  Not sure what your aesthetic is?  First, don’t go with a theme.  It limits you.  Themes are for parties...not a space you will have for years. Think of what you like to do….what makes you happy?  Wall color can play off of what you put in the room.  Man Caves are usually darker, cozier…. but that is up to you.  


Step 2: After choosing the design aesthetic you have to think about what you want to spend. Most of the time Man Caves are not budgeted for.  They just sort of happen over time.  So with this in mind, let's say we are being careful with our budget (because we have other things to spend money a few cute pairs of shoes!).


Tip: With Inner Artist, you can create unique customizable artwork for your man cave.


First, think of the space as a living room.  Have enough seating for friends to come over and watch a game.  Arrange what you already have and if you need extra seating, fill those pieces in over time and as the budget allows.  An area rug can pull a space together and a man cave is no different.  If you don’t want to buy a new one, use and old one from another space.  It will give you an excuse to update the other space.  Lighting is important and there are some really nice lamps at reasonable prices.  If there are already lamps in the room and you aren’t crazy about them...just change out the shades.


Now that you have the base of the room taken care of, my favorite part of designing the space comes into play.  The artwork and accessories...yay!  Here are a few ideas that you can work with.



Many people are fanatics of team sports (personally, the Orlando City Lions are awesome!).Or they played a sport themselves.   If that is the case for you, then here are some things you can do. An art print of your favorite player or team jersey, a black and white of a coach you respect or person that helped you learn about ...or got you into sports.  A large print photo of a game day with family or friends. A printed version of the star spangled banner (always sung before a game).  A collection of ticket stubs framed or an autograph in an acrylic block.  Frame a copy of your first fan letter.  Mixing in gloves, bats, balls, even shoes, and sneakers onto shelves will add dimension and character to your collection.  You can even have a mini basketball hoop on the wall!


Tip: You can add sporty fun to your man cave with a corn hole game.  It can be stored away when not used and then be played without having to leave the room!


Axis Fine Art


If you are a musician or just love music, you can frame up album covers, or concert posters (making them much nicer than pinning them to a wall) and ticket stubs. Memorabilia from your favorite band or the words to the first song you danced to at your wedding. Do you have a song that reminds you of a group of friends or a place?  Write the song over a picture and have it printed as art. Guitar your thing?  Get artwork that shows different styles of guitars and creates a collection! The sky's the limit for your man cave!


Tip: If you have an instrument, keep it in the room so you are encouraged to use it!  Engage your friends in trying it while they visit.  Maybe you can start a never know.



Where are you from?  This is another way of customizing your space.   Maps can be really cool artwork!  Frame an actual map of the town you live in.  Maybe you can even find a vintage one!  Photos of your favorite places, parks, even your own is part of where you live.  Postcards from your area are really cool framed separately or together. I live in the Orlando area and I love to take photos and have them printed on canvas as art. Maybe a local favorite restaurant?  Enlarge the menu and print and frame it.  


Tip:  Speaking of a favorite man cave would be complete without a mini fridge to keep snacks and a cold beer or wine in.  Nobody wants to head to the kitchen when you are enjoying your cave!




Do you collect anything?  If it is framable, then great….frame it.  If not, create a grouping on a shelf.  Do you collect fishing rods?  You can hang a holder on the wall and store the rods.  You can also have art prints of different types of fish you catch in a grouping on the wall.  How about the Avid reader and collector of books?  Make a copy of your favorite book jackets and frame them.  You can even have them printed in bolder colors to make them into contemporary artwork.  This is a very cool look!


Tip: A collection of different sizes and shapes of art on a wall makes it easy to change out or add artwork without having to rearrange


The art you choose to create for your man cave can raise the bar and really finish the space. With Inner Artist, you can create completely customizable art! 


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