7 Questions With The Founder of Inner Artist

July 11, 2017


Get to know the creative side of Inner Artist! I was recently sent over seven questions from South Street & Co. about my business, my inspiration, and tips for the home!


I enjoyed answering these questions from South Street & Co because I love remembering why I do what I do. So, here are a few insights about me and a few tips and trends about art and décor along the way.  Hope you enjoy!


What created your passion for design?

I have been an artist since I was a child.  It was natural.  I was born with it.  I really had no choice... which has been wonderful.  Drawing, painting, and graphics were my passions but I had never really thought about a career in interior design.  It wasn’t until I was introduced to an interior designer through a friend.  They needed someone and my background in color and art helped me get the job.  I fell in love with interior design….with taking an empty room and creating a space that clients could call home.  To be able to mix the colors, patterns, and textures.  Adding layer upon layer, mixing finishes and materials.  I loved it because it was just like artwork.  They were the same principles, but through a different medium.  


What inspires you?

People.  Everyone is so unique, with their own likes and dislikes that it keeps me continuously looking at things differently.  I am always striving to think outside the box to create something that is special to them.


What are the most common mistakes people make when buying a piece of art?

First, thinking that they have to match their furniture.  Art does not have to match your décor. Granted, some people like the monotone look and it can be really cool sometimes but you should buy art because you love it, not because it matches.  It will stand the test of time and not go out of fashion with an accessory.  Second, art does not have to be expensive. What you spend on art can vary widely.  My art ranges from fairly expensive… to thrift shop finds… to printing my own photographs.  I love going to art shows and buying the small pieces of art in front of the artist's booth.  They are affordable and a great introduction to that artist.  Also, smaller pieces are easy to add to a group or sit on a shelf or lean against a wall.  


The Proper Stranger


Share something you would like the world to know about you or your design ideas.

One thing I would want people to know about me is this…I am not afraid to try.  This pertains to everything….especially starting my new company Inner Artist.  It is scary stepping into the unknown but there is also such a thrill of taking charge and experiencing new things.  It is how I grow and learn and change and hopefully become a better, more well-rounded person.


Fun Fact:  I tried out for Amazing Race.  I would love to race around the world!!


If you can give advice to someone who wants to buy an art piece for the first time, what

will it be?

Don’t stress.  Just have fun!  Most people buy their first piece of art in their mid-twenties.  They move into a new home and start to stare at blank walls.  The urge to put art on those walls becomes pretty strong and they feel that they must fill the walls and get just anything up. Now. Resist that urge!  Find one small piece that you like…that makes you happy.  The rest seem to follow pretty easily when you realize it isn’t that hard.  Tastes change so don’t break the bank early on.  Build up until you find your style and remember that you can move art around and give it a new life in a new space.


What are some color trends for the summer?

Colors that I love for summer are:


Ben Moore: Downpour Blue 2063-20| BM Seaweed 2035-10| BM Jamaican Aqua 2048-60










BM Picante 006| BM White Dove (best white for anything) OC-17 Farrow| Ball: Middleton Pink 245










They are just a bit brighter and really say summer to me.


What color, textures, and furniture pieces do you love the most?

I love chairs!  Small wood accent chairs that you can put anywhere, especially a chair with caning.  The texture is great and they work with any décor. I go to yard sales and thrift shops and look for unique little chairs that I can refinish and have reupholstered with minimal effort.  This way I can change the fabric when I want a new pop of color.  As for color… The palette for my own home is usually neutral. I add color with pillows, ottomans …..and art of course!  Right now Navy is my go to color.  It goes so well with neutrals and textures.  Sisal rugs, seagrass wallpaper, alpaca and linen pillows and velvet fabric for furniture….  these are my basics that ground everything and tie it all together.



Hope you enjoyed my interview! With Inner Artist we are changing the way art is created! Join the community!


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