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July 4, 2017


Is your refrigerator filled with your kids artwork? Or do you have them tucked in a closet somewhere and wish you knew what do with with them? Today I am sharing tips and showcasing a few inspiration images on how to place your kids artwork in your home!


I know as parents many of you have drawings and paintings from your kiddos, and although you love them, and possibly cried when you received them, you now have a stack of endless art prints and don’t know what to do with them. Instead of keeping them in a box tucked away in a closet somewhere, have you ever thought about framing them and placing them on your walls as art prints? As an Interior designer, I have seen beautiful art pieces hung on walls, and kids artwork does not fall short of that list. It’s neat to see eclectic art pieces come together and make a house a home. Today I am sharing tips on how you can implement your child’s artwork into your home as a piece of art!


Decide Where You Will Want the Artwork to hang

Before you begin, decide where you will want your kid's artwork placed in your home.  If you are just placing one or two pieces of art on the wall, then you can hang them anywhere.  In a mudroom or laundry room, stacked on a wall near the bedrooms, or even in the kitchen. If you are placing multiple on the wall, a playroom is a good location as well as a long hallway.



Morning Chores




Decide Which Pieces Of Art Are Going On The Wall

Instead of only picking your favorite, have your child help you and allow them to select their favorites as well. You can also make your selection together based on a theme or color. There are so many factors that come with picking and choosing which ones are to be framed. I would say choose art pieces that showcase milestones. For example, their first stick figure, water color, or anything you believe showcases their creative imagination. This will build their confidence and self-worth.




Deciding On How To Hang, Frames And Layout

Sometimes art doesn’t have to be framed.  There are so many fun ways to display kids artwork. You can hang the art from a wire, or from clothes pins, or on a clipboard!  For those of you that want a more finished look and want to frame the artwork,remember for multiple pieces...if you want a grid layout, stick with the same frame.  If you want a random pattern then you can go with a mix of frames.  It is better to stay within a color family but have fun and mix the textures and shapes.  You may want some guidance on the layout of your artwork. Mapping it out is the best way to start. I like to lay everything on the ground.  This allows you to move things around until you find the layout you are happy with.  Take a photo of the layout before you begin to hang and start hanging with the center piece and work your way out.  This is where the photo comes in handy as you start to forget the layout as pieces are half on the wall and half on the floor.  Don’t space things too far apart...3 to 4 inch space max.  Remember, if you are out of wall space but still want to display a few pieces, you can even put art in a frame that sits on your nightstand or leans on a dresser.


Better Homes & Gardens


Finally, You can always swap out the artwork by season or month. This way there is always new artwork on the wall that go with the specific season like the fall, Christmas, summer etc.


Artwork has always been a beautiful personal expression for adults, and it can be that for your children as well. Add whimsical color and joy to every space in your home. Here are a few of my personal inspirations I think would help you when placing your kid's artwork in your home!


My Domaine 

 Becoming Roux


With Inner Artist you will be able to completely customize artwork that showcases your personal style and taste. It is also a great place for your kids to create their artwork….without the mess. Do you have a great art wall for your kids work?  I would love to see!


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