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July 14, 2017

Becki Owens


If you ever thought you couldn’t design your home on a budget, I will show you a few tips on how you can! Remember, a budget doesn’t mean cheap products, you just have to be more careful about how you curate those goods.  There are great finds out there if you know where to look.


Knowing where to look, reusing existing items in a different space and learning how to DIY are just a few of the ways you can design your home on a budget. Remember, sticking to a budget can mean not finding everything at once. Be open to the idea of waiting for or continuing to look for a piece of furniture that is within your budget. I shop for myself and my clients with a budget in mind.  If I can’t find something now that works, then we wait...and I look some more.


Know Where To Look

Your best bet for budget friendly furniture is yard sales, vintage markets, and resale shops.  It is easy to look past a dingy old wood chair but what if you sanded it down and added a coat of a fun bold paint?  It becomes a lovely accent chair you can put anywhere.  Here in Orlando, I like to go down to Orange Ave near Ivanhoe and go through the antique and secondhand shops there.  Also, Edgewater in College Park has Top Drawer consignment.  And I love love love Renningers In Mount Dora.  They have an extravaganza every November, January, and February with hundreds of vendors.  It is usually cooler weather and fun to walk around.  I have never left empty handed.


Know What To Invest In

When it comes to furniture you should invest in a good sofa because you spend so much of your time there. A good wool area rug is also something to consider investing in because it will last you forever and they clean really well. Lastly, a good dining table is worth investing in. Cheap dining tables won't last long or look good after a few months.


Studio Mcgee


If you are building a home I would say invest in good flooring (hardwoods, tile, etc) because that is where you spend the most money and it is the hardest item to change out. Lighting is also something to consider investing in when building a home because you need to have a well lit home with recess and decorative fixtures. Good cabinetry can brighten the space of your kitchen and baths, plus will last you a long time and can always be refinished or repainted.


Design Sponge


An item that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on are lamps. There are lots of lamps out there today for under $75.00 that look like they could be over a few hundred. Dining chairs are another that doesn't need to be a splurge. If you DIY, places like Salvation Army have sets of dining chairs that you can refinish very inexpensively. The chairs can also be repainted or reupholstered as styles change.  


Know How To Accessorize

As an Interior Designer, the biggest mistake I see people make is when they aren’t happy with the way their space looks, they buy accessories to add to what they already have and hope that it will make the space better.  What it actually does is clutter up a space that wasn't working and essentially wastes money unnecessarily. As a friend would always say…” it’s like putting lipstick on a pig”.  


Know how to accessorize by arranging the items in groups, and avoid placing them individually around the room. Combine items with similar color palettes, character, and texture. You can even mix accessories with books! Stack two books together and maybe even place a vase of flowers over them. Reusing existing items that you have like books and placing them in a different space like in the living room on a coffee table will make it easier to design your home on a budget. Remember, less is more.


The Pink Dream




Designing on a budget can be easy if you make it easy. If you really want to stay on a budget, be open to looking at a mix of new and old items for the home that opens the door to fun, eclectic pieces.  If someone is forced to be on a budget they will never really be happy with the choices and always wonder what they could have purchased.


If you are worried that you can’t design your home on a budget consider the three tips mentioned above. With a plan in motion, you will easily be able to design your home with pieces you love at a price you love.


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Get to know the creative side of Inner Artist! I was recently sent over seven questions from South Street & Co. about my business, my inspiration, and tips for the home!



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