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July 17, 2017


It’s almost that time of year again...Back to school!! The parents are breathing a sigh of relief and the kiddos are probably dreading going back. Here are my five back to school kids bedroom ideas to help get your kids back in the swing of things!


Re decorating your kid's bedroom will not only be an exciting project that you will get to work together with them in but it can also get them excited even though school is around the corner. I am really excited to share these inspiring ideas because kids bedrooms are always fun to do, so let's get started!



Storage and working space is really important but often missed by parents to implement in their kid's rooms. Having two nightstands is a good solution for that. One of the two nightstands can have drawers to keep personal items hidden so that space can look a little neater. The other nightstand can be a desk for them to do all of their homework, crafts and read in. Something simple like a Parsons desk with a single drawer and a comfortable desk chair.


Aundra Skinner


Making It Lovely 


Shelves above the desk are a great way to get things off of the floor and organized. If space allows you to, implementing a comfy reading chair will be the icing on the cake for their room. If you don’t have the space for a chair, that is totally okay! A backrest with arms is a great substitute!  So many kids study on their beds anyway so this is a great option!


Wall Paint

Wall paint can really make a huge difference in the aesthetic of the room. For younger kids, I would recommend to keep it neutral with a white or a very light gray. This way you can add the color with bedding, drapes, pillows, area rugs and artwork. Kids are constantly changing their minds on their favorite colors so changing the paint can become quite the chore. For older kids, I love the idea of bolder colors but still making the room light. For boys, a darker rich blue on a wall is a great way to add impact without making the room look too dark. Instead of pink, I love coral paint for girls. Adding a soft pink or fuchsia accents and they will complement the coral color really well.


Emerson Grey

Tattered & Ink



You can have so much fun with lighting, especially in kids bedrooms! I am a lover of pendant lighting. I love a group of star lights for the center of the room or the corner if you already have a fan in place. I think dimmers are a great idea, especially for the star lights. This way it can be used as a night light for younger kids or mood lighting for teens when they just want to chill. Lamps are a must but many adults don’t put lamps in kids rooms. For some reason, kids always get the fan/light kit combo but that is all. Lamps are a great way to wind down the day for bed instead of bright ceiling lights.


Sarah Strath


Organizing Moms


Wall Decor

Inspiration and creativity are abundant with kids! Use this inspiration to help decorate their room. I love to have kids use big cork boards to pin up photos that inspire them. Whether it is a role model, a place they want to travel to, their favorite flowers, best friends, fashion, a new surfboard whatever it is,  If it makes them happy when they look at it then put it on the cork board! Having inspirational quotes on the board is also a great way to motivate your child. They can be printed with a pretty background and framed. One or two quotes mixed with some art can help motivate and decorate the room!




If you are an avid Pinterest lover like myself you have probably seen a few kids bedrooms and would love to do that for your child but don’t necessarily know how to do it. Just like a parents master bedroom is their own personal sanctuary, your child's bedroom should be theirs. Making their space conducive for homework and cozy for sleeping is key. It’s important to not make their room too crowded and keep it organized. A hectic cluttered space is distracting for work and sleep, purchasing a closet organizer to maximize storage will help keep the room neat and tidy. Hooks on the inside of the closet door and bedroom door to hang miscellaneous items and a functional dresser that has deep drawers and a good surface spare are key to a soothing space.


Super soft bedding is also really important and adding a fluffy comforter will make the kids want to actually go to bed before you have a chance to say “bed time”! A cozy throw blanket at the foot of the bed to keep their little toes warm and a sheepskin rug on the floor adds great texture! Kids love to touch and feel luxurious items as much as we do and they spend more time on their beds and on the floor than most adults, so why not make their space great!


Home My Design

Country Living


Your kids should be involved in creating their own space so include them in the design process of their room! Keep in mind that most kids will change their minds on what they like in a matter of months so tread carefully.  Instead of free reign, give them a choice of 3 paint colors that you are okay with. Have them decide what artwork will go on the wall, whether it is theirs or new and have them choose a few of the accessories.  If it is a teamwork project and the kids feel they have a voice in their space, they are more apt to be happy and really enjoy being there!


I would love to see how you created a fun space for your kid's bedroom!


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