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August 4, 2017

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Keeping your dining room bright and stylish with these couple of dining room lighting inspirations.


If you’ve had the same dining room fixtures for the past decade, not to worry. Many people  find themselves in the same situation by not changing the lighting throughout the years; it’s probably the last thing they think of when wanting to spruce up their home. However, I’m sharing my favorite fixtures that I’m crushing on right now.



Boho Beach Bungalow


If you're wondering if any of the above lighting's can be easily implemented, I can say that it all depends on your home. Calling on your local electrician is the best start. It’s better if they change out any fixtures to make sure it is done properly and if there is already electricity running to space then that is an easy change out. For example, wiring for scones is not usually run in older homes and that will be more labor intensive for an electrician depending on what is behind your drywall. Lamps are easy because there are always outlets around.  


Apartment Therapy


Tip: Lighting does not necessarily have to reflect the architecture of the home. You want to stay more on the side of the style of your furniture and decor.


Modern lighting is so fun right now. There are so many styles and colors that you are bound to find a beautiful fixture that brings a sophisticated touch to any home. Modern doesn’t have to mean contemporary. It is a style that is of the time, and right now, that means cleaner lines. You can still get a rustic fixture but it won’t have the ornate overdone swirls from 10 years ago.


Lighting does not have to match your furniture, but it should compliment it. For example, you can have a farmhouse table with a contemporary or industrial fixture. They don’t match, but they look great together.




I find that warmer bulbs make for a cozier space but make sure you stick with one color of lighting. You don’t want different bulb colors throughout your home. Dimmers help make the brighter white lighting become cozier and are an easy install. My favorite bulb right now is the Edison bulbs that are more white than yellow. It’s the perfect in-between for cozy and task lighting.


Home Bunch


A common mistake I’ve seen people make when choosing their dining room lighting is going too big or too small. Whatever size your table is, you want the chandelier to be in scale. If you have a narrow table, go with a long narrow fixture or 2 smaller fixtures, side by side. If you have a wide table, go with a wider fixture. Remember, height is just as important as width so if you have tall ceilings, you may need to look at a fixture that is either multi tiered or has some other visual interest like the sort of chain or rods that hold the fixture.


Beautiful lighting can make a really big difference. By purchasing something that compliments the decor of your home well, you will find yourself enjoying that area in your home a little more.


Loving It


What are some of your favorite lighting fixtures?


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