Your Personal Kitchen Inspiration Guide

August 21, 2017

Here are a few kitchen inspiration ideas for you to implement in your personal space. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen so make it your own.


The kitchen is where most families spend time together. It’s also the place where the least interior design attention (aside from cabinets, tile and counter tops) is given in comparison to the living room and bedroom. Today I am sharing a few tips and kitchen inspiration ideas for those of you who want to make a change in the kitchen but who don’t know where to begin.


Make It A Happy Place

There are so many things you can add to your kitchen that won’t cost you what a complete renovation would. Make the kitchen a happy place to go! When you grab your first cup of coffee for the day, wouldn’t it be nice to put it in a fun mug that you designed yourself? There are so many fun items to spruce up your kitchen. Think about hand towels, napkins, place-mats, tablecloths, runners and even rugs for under the kitchen table as well as the artwork for the space! Soon, you’ll be able to customize all of these items on our website!


Honestly WTF


Apartment Therapy


Make It Your Own

A common mistake people make with their kitchen decor is that they don't think about the space as a place to decorate and they leave it utilitarian and boring. Make it your own but don’t go overboard with a theme. You don’t need to fill every space with the same thing. If you like coffee for the kitchen, don’t have 20 pictures of coffee on the wall AND a collection of grinders on shelves AND a display of coffee cups on hooks AND the word coffee on a plaque dispersed throughout the space. That, my friend, is too much!




Tip: Artwork for a kitchen can be any style. It does not have to be food related although there is a lot of food related artwork that can be lovely.




Add Wall Decor

Have fun with your walls by adding a personal touch to your kitchen. If you have a collection already in your kitchen, then it would be a good idea to display wall decor in this space. Remember, too much of anything can look bad so make sure any wall decor that you add is in moderation. Keep it to one area on the wall or a shelf. A barn door, for example, can be used as the pantry doors and can do double duty as a chalkboard. Adding artwork to lean on a shelf is wonderful too! It gives a nice casual sophistication to the space.




Thistle Wood Farms


Tip: Kitchens do not need a theme. Like any other room in the home, it should reflect your style and tie into the other spaces.


Choose Your Colors

I feel that cabinets should be more neutral like wood tones, whites and grays so that they stand the test of time. This way the wall color can change with the trends or mood of the homeowner. There is no wrong color for a kitchen; you spend a lot of time in there so make it what you love.



 Primitive Kitchen Decor


I hope these tips and kitchen inspiration ideas have inspired you to make a change in your kitchen. Whether big or small you spend a lot of time in this space so make it unique, make it a happy place, make it your own.


Our Inner Artist website is almost finished, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! You will be able to customize the dish towels in your kitchen and even create a personalized mug. The sky's the limit for the amount of creativity you can use with our website!


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