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August 28, 2017

Decorating with plants is not just a summer thing, you can incorporate plants in your home year round. Here my tips if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb.


If you are an avid Pinterest user like myself, you would know that decorating with plants is in almost every photo you see when scrolling for decor ideas. If it were up to me, I would place plants in every single room! I like to use a mix of cut flowers, potted orchids, and houseplants. I always have cut flowers in my bedroom so that I can see them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. I also have cut flowers in my office because I spend a lot of time in there too. I am obsessed with the urn in my foyer full of white orchids; this is my happy place.


Traditional Home

The Heartbook


It’s a fact that plants make you smile. Seeing a beautiful green plant makes us happy, and we can also take pride in caring for them. The scent of fresh cut flowers will always bring back a happy memory so why wouldn’t we always have them in our home or office?


Apartment Therapy 


If you don’t know where to start when decorating with plants, small succulents or cacti are easy beginner plants to try your skills. If plants are not your area of expertise, you can always get plant-based artwork! Plants are a big topic for artwork and very popular right now. Whether it is an illustration, a painting or a photograph, you can always find something to suit your style.


 Organic Daily Post


Free People


Here are three tips when decorating with plants for the first time:

  1. Take a picture of the space you want the plants in and go to the local nursery.  They can help you find the right plant for the amount of light you get and teach you how to care for it.

  2. Succulents are great if you want a plant that is low maintenance. They are small and can go anywhere from a windowsill to a side table in the bathroom, on a counter top, and they can come in a wide variety of colors.

  3. If you don’t have a green thumb, utilize fresh cut flowers. You can have large bunches in the foyer or family room and then small bunches in the kitchen, bathrooms, and on the bedside table.


Summer Thornton Design


Photo Bucket


There are so many creative plant pot holders that you can choose from! You can customize them to make it match the decor in your home! Here are my recommendations on where to place specific plants:

  • A crystal or glass vase for cut flowers is a great option

  • A glazed low, wide, ceramic pot for orchids. Blue and white containers for white orchids and white or cream containers for colored orchids are a great match  

  • For house plants, I like woven textures, like baskets

  • For succulents, I like white or terracotta pots

The White Company


A Beautiful Mess


Mollie Makes


The simpler the container, the more the greenery shines. Don’t make the plants and the container compete.


Decorating with plants can be year round too. There are always seasonal plants for inside and outside our homes. Greenery is year round too, and there is never a shortage of seasonal cut flowers. Find your local florist and grab a variety that you can care for and bring them into your home near a sunny window, then sit nearby and enjoy.


How do you decorate your home with plants? If you’re not able (or willing) to take care of plants on your own, you can always create artwork to showcase on your walls. Join our artistic community to receive updates on our website and what you can create with plants with Inner Artist!


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