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September 4, 2017

Metallic decorations are not only for Wintertime anymore. Today, I’m sharing how you can seamlessly add metallic to your favorite spaces all year round.  


If you’ve ever thought that metallic decorations are only used during the winter, you’re not alone. Many people feel that these tones can only be used around the holidays, but I like using metallic decor all year round. I consider them a layer of design that every room needs, regardless of the season. Today I’m sharing how you can incorporate a touch of metallic in your home with these easy additions.


You don't have to add big flashy pieces of furniture to include metallic decorations in your home. For the person who thinks metallics are a little too “out there” but still wants to branch out, you can incorporate simple items. Here are a few of my favorite metallic items that I like to add in my home any time of the year:


Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors add a touch of age, mystery and a sparkle undertone for a more subdued look.




Accent Tables

Bronze rain drums as accent tables add a warm metallic tone with a subtle ethnic/travel vibe.




Metallic Votives

Metallic votives go anywhere with any style home.


Yummi Candles


How To Incorporate Metallics

You can have so much fun incorporating metallic decor in your home. How much you include will depend on your style, but anyone and everyone can do it! If you want sparkle, polished chromes, golds and rose golds are your best bet and burnished finishes are better for a more muted look. Items like pillows, small drink tables, and knick knacks are an easy way to get started with metallics. Using metal picture frames for family photos as well as metallic finished artwork frames are great because they can work just about anywhere. I would tie your finish choices to the finishes of your lighting or other furniture in the space.


The Urban Interior


Shades Of Metallic

All colors of metallic work year round but the one season that has a distinct tone is Fall. People like the warm, cozy feel of copper, bronze, and gold for the fall. Silver can be used too, but you don’t see it very often when decorating with accessories for this season. Winter metallics are like the song “Silver And Gold” and it is a fun time to use both finishes mixed together to create a beautiful twinkle. 


Metallic Do’s And Don'ts

You don’t want every surface covered with metallics, so make sure not to over do it. You want to spot them and appreciate them...not to have the glare to blind you.


I know mixing finishes are popular, but I feel it’s better to keep it to two metal choices for your everyday decor (you can always go crazy with mixing metallics for eclectic dinner settings for parties and special occasions).  Your lighting is one finish and maybe your furniture finish is the second. Use those two colors as your guide and stay within those families. If you have the small random accessory as the third finish, it isn’t going to shatter any design plans. Consider it eclectic!


Tip: Metallic decorations go well with all fabrics and colors, but like everything, there is always a trend in one color or the other. Having some iron, bronze or black finishes is a way to always have a bit of metal without being a slave to the ever changing gold and silver tones.


Metallic trays for bathroom vanities, metallic votive holders, metallic picture frames,  metallic lamps at a credenza and stainless accessories for the kitchen are ways you can easily incorporate metallic decorations in your home!




Making It May Style


Soon you can create metallic artwork with Inner Artist! From artwork on a canvas, to incorporating your creation into objects around the home, you can now completely customize the interior design of your home!


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