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September 25, 2017

Pet lovers can now learn how to use pet artwork in their home with style. Read more to find out how.


Many pet lovers, like myself, are always looking for ways to spoil their pets and make them feel like part of the family. Inner Artist can help you with that! You can create artwork that you and your furry companion will love. The artwork can be framed for the walls or even printed on a personalized pet bed or a pillow. Today I’m sharing how you can use pet artwork all around your home!



Let’s begin with how much is too much for pet artwork. Nobody likes to be called the “crazy pet person,” and that applies to the decor as well. We know you love your animals but having the artwork of your pet all over the house can be a little over the top.  



Pet artwork isn’t something you can just hang anywhere, and it doesn't go with every piece of artwork. It has to be thought out, or it will look out of place. There are many places where your pet artwork can be tastefully added in your home. As an example, you can have a fun series of different images of your pet in a hallway.  



You can add artwork of your pet into your family photo wall, after all, they are part of your family, right? If you have space with no other artwork, a large-scale art piece could be a great pop of fun for a more casual space. Just don't make the kids jealous!  


You can also use smaller scale prints that can lean on a shelf in any space in your home. Another great space to get creative is a power bathroom, try mixing in your pet artwork with other eclectic art pieces.


Here are some pet artwork do’s and don’ts:

  • Do print the artwork on things like mugs, t-shirts and phone covers. They make great gifts for family

  • Don’t use images of your pet that are too far away. Keep their beautiful faces up close

  • Do have fun using the Inner Artist images to create unique, custom artwork of your pet


Adorn your home with pet artwork, let’s face it, we will never stop loving our furry family members who welcome us home each day! Join our Inner Artist community, where you can create any pet artwork imaginable for any room in your home!


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