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Home Office Essentials | InnerArtist

October 19, 2017

If you’ve ever tried to do work in an environment that just isn’t fitting your vibe, you know it doesn’t happen. While home is supposed to be a place for relaxation, often we end up doing a bulk of our work from the comforts of our home offices. For freelance artists, remote working parents, and students, having an area in your living space to dedicate to work (and work only) is vital to being successful in reaching your goals.


So to help you put your dream production space together, we’re introducing some subtle ways to make your workspace more work-friendly. You may find that all you need to do is arrange the decor you already have and coordinate the right color patterns to create the perfect ambiance.


Inspire Yo Self

As with most projects, you first have to define the tone and direction of what you’re looking to accomplish with some inspiration. Artists create moodboards, writers set outlines, and architects draw blueprints. Whether you consider yourself an interior designer or not, you can create a physical inspiration wall of some favorite things that inspire you. Your wall of inspiration can change as often as the season.


One way to do this is to get all of your favorite things together –pictures of old cherished memories, that one drawing you totally nailed, motivational quotes, or the cool vintage jar you picked out at a flea market– and merge them together to see how it looks in front of your desk or on a corkboard on the wall next to your chair.


Create Special Reminders

You know you’re awesome, but sometimes you need a reminder when you feel overwhelmed with tasks.







Add some wise words and favorite quotes in your office to serve as a great pick-me-up when you’re frustrated and staring at the walls for some sign of life.


Soon, reader, you won’t be limited to only the quotes you can find, you’ll be able to make posters and decor like this on your own with Inner Artist! The words that tug at your heartstrings will now be able to personify your walls.



Add a Breath of Fresh Air



Add some plants to your office for a fresh vibe and a variance in color. Indoor plants bring a touch of nature inside and a bit of natural color. Scared you don’t have the green thumb it takes to nurse a few greens? Pick up some succulents or small cacti from a nearby nursery. They only need to be watered about once a week, and they can last more than a year!



Get Organized



This is a fun DIY that can be changed out seasonally and updated often! You will always need a calendar, so why not make it a work of art. For visual learners, this will help keep your workload organized and on track.


Choose a color palette that exudes your spirit at the moment and express some creativity in the process!


So Get to Work!

Arrange your space with your own touch and show us what that looks like in the comments!



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