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October 24, 2017

There are some really awesome artists around us here at IA, and we want to introduce them to you, because well, we think you’d hit it off.


First up is Heather Waroff, one of the designers and creative souls of our team.


Heather works on creative graphics like these:



Pretty awesome right? So without further ado, here’s her answers to the tough questions:


What is your design process like?

My design process starts with gathering inspiration from existing, fashion, images, textures, nature – really everywhere. I start by using my sketch book and I will sketch out a design that I’m thinking of. Following the sketch, I usually use a micron pen to trace over it. I will take a picture of that design and email it to myself. Following, I will take the image and bring it into Adobe Illustrator, where I will lower the opacity to 30-40% and draw over it with my Wacom Tablet to convert it into a digital image, that I will then take in many directions and choose the one I like the most.


Have you always liked art? If not, when did you start?

I have always liked art, but have not always been good at it. I started out as the worst illustrator. I had no idea of proportion, scale, perspective.  I started getting into photography when I was in high school, and that led to my interests in Yearbook, where I taught myself the programs to design, just not necessarily the right fundamentals. It wasn’t until college that I switched my major into graphic design.


How long did it take you to find your style?

I don’t really have one style yet, I’m always exploring new abilities and seeing what I can come up with.


In Orlando, where is the most creative spot to go?

I’d say the place that is most creative in its existence is Stardust Video and Coffee, but the place that makes me the most creative is in my bed at home. Is that lame?


Would Inner Artist's tools make designing easier when you were starting out?

Yeah definitely! The tools offered on the site provide the ability to explore and be inspired. More than that, it allows artists to practice without having to purchase multiple programs. It’s an awesome first step in a creative path.


What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in the trash?

I love finding things in the trash!! Typically I pick up some old furniture to DIY and bring retro vibes to my house. My favorite of all time though, is a Christmas tree I picked up on the side of the road. Why throw out a perfectly good tree?  


If you could steal one piece of art, what would it be?

Hands down, Andy Warhol’s series of flowers paintings.. The vibrant color combos and simplicity of shapes really spark inspiration for me.



What do you do when you’re bored?

Most of the time I try to cook something new. I hardly ever find recipes online, instead I try to use creative thought with whatever have in the fridge. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes you find out some things just don’t go together.


What would you say your spirit animal is?

I am definitely a squirrel because they have a quick mind and short attention spans, just like me! They’re also cute, small and like to hide gems for later.


What was the last cool shape you saw in some object?

The other day I saw alien heads floating in the floor tiles of my office!


What’s the last gif you downloaded?

(laughs) A Boston Terrier shaking a cocktail. It was just so cute!



What inspires you?

Everything, everywhere inspires me. I live for the spontaneity of life and the randomness that comes with it. That’s majorly how I get my ideas for art and how I survive the days.


What’s something that everyone looks stupid doing?

I’m going to go with segwaying but it’s actually really fun.


Alright, we’ve got to find out, what is your costume going to be for Halloween?

Honestly, it’s a character from a Youtube series called Salad Fingers.


I don’t know if anyone will recognize it, but it’s going to be funny to me anyways.




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