Zodiac Art: Discover Your Inner Artist in the Stars

October 27, 2017


Sometimes the stars can predict our lives a little bit more accurately than we can ourselves. Is it science? Probably not. But we like to play along anyways.

Whether it’s real or not, zodiacs can spark inspiration in us. When you’re feeling down every now and then, it’s good to remember that well, you’re a Taurus damn it, and you don’t have time to waste when you’re on a mission like yours.


If you don’t know your sign yet, no judgement here, learn some more about your mythological self with a little research.

So here’s a breakdown on making your own zodiac art, and how you will soon be able to make it yourself with Inner Artist.


Complete with the famous lion and shapes with popping colors as loud and bold as themselves, we give you the Leo zodiac. Both a lover and a fighter, a Leo finds comfort in the center of attention and would love to design something just like this for their jungle.

Ruler of their universe, now the artist of their own masterpiece.


With a passion for life and a serious sting, the mystery of a Scorpio is best personified with a turned back and eyes toward their future. The ultimate bounce-back power is reserved for this sign, with the ability to literally lose their scorpion tail and grow a new one. That’s some crazy determination.


With Inner Artist, these design pieces are totally customizable and made to fit to your taste. Create a background of colors associated with your sign, add a prominent piece in the front that embodies what it means to be your zodiac, and take some creative freedom with the rest of the design!

It’s time to awaken your Inner Artist and sign up to be a part of our community so you won’t miss our official launch in the next few months!



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