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November 7, 2017

We all know how we want to feel: happy, productive, successful, and stress-free.

And sometimes, it takes a conscious effort to bring about those feelings.


We’re going to show you how to ward off those unwanted feelings and spark the likes of your ideal self with some change in perspective.

You’re Feeling: Unmotivated
When you’re feeling unmotivated, you can do everything right and still end up with even more work to do than you started with. The work you’ve been doing feels mundane and pointless, so you’re finding it hard to keep the drive you started out with.

The solution: Purple
Purple is a color that’s associated with calmness, healing, and rejuvenation. Analysis has shown that purple aids in uplifting and inspiring. A focus on purple can help you take a step back and give you a boost when you need it. When you’re feeling like all things are wrong and you can’t possibly go on anymore, switch up your artwork with pieces that celebrate purple and happy thoughts, wear that long sleeved purple shirt you’ve had forever but haven’t worn yet, or add desk pieces to your office space to fill in the gaps you’ve been looking past.











You’re feeling: Sad
Things might not be going how you imagined them to today and maybe it’s got you down. You’re seeing your friends less, missing deadlines, and wearing the same pajamas day after day – even to work? Don’t worry though, they’re cute and you’re cute—but you can do so much more.

The solution: Yellow
Yellow is a color associated with happiness, cheery thoughts, and sunshine on bright days. Aka, all the good stuff that can turn that frown upside down. As one of the most significant colors in studies around mental health, studies show that seeing yellow can alter your thoughts into positive, uplifting reminders of hope. The ‘optimistic’ color on the wheel is proven to spark just that. So hang some artwork, change your bedspread, or add some pillows with this bright hue and watch your mood turn around.





You’re feeling: Tired

We’ve all been there before, the usual mid-day 2 o'clock slump starts to become the lunchtime slump. Sooner or later it’s my-morning-just-started-but-i’m-already-exhausted slump.  It’s a slippery slope and truly a rough way to spend your days riddled with yawns and “yeah, I’m listening”’s.

The solution: Red

Besides getting those full 8 hours, you can look into surrounding yourself with bright reds and well...more coffee. Here’s some of our artwork for inspiration, but you can take total creative freedom here! Add some reds to your furniture, your walls, and at your desk so you hit all the areas you typically find yourself the most tired. A touch of red can go a long way.
















You’re Feeling: A Creative Block

You can’t find that creative energy you usually have and you’ve been staring at the same blank canvas for about an hour now. You’ve plugged in some headphones, grabbed a fresh cup of joe, and set up in your favorite creative chair to no avail. You’re stuck.

The solution: Orange

Color analysis has shown that orange sparks the most creative thought and free-flowing ideas. A combination of red and yellow, orange is a power color like no other. With a mix of enthusiasm, energy, and clear thoughts, this color is sure to help you climb out of your creative rut. So get inspired with some orange around the office, create a physical moodboard to inspire your vision, and try some new platforms for creating art!




Use the power of color to change your mood or spark that creative flow.


If you have your own tips on using color for mood transformations, we’d love to hear them! Talk to us in the comments!



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