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November 14, 2017

If you’ve ever seen a friend with a wall that looks so put together it could have come out of a magazine, your first question was likely, “How?” While a wall adorned with various types of art, frames, shelves, and foliage can look gorgeous, but seems like a daunting task to get all the individual pieces.


We’ll let you in on a little secret…It’s not.  


The secret is to start with what you already have. An old book your grandmother gave you. A plant hanger you got at a nearby farmer’s market. A painting you did as a child. If it can hang, you can use it.


Then consider what artwork you would like to create to complement the rest. Always wanted to pair grandmother’s book with a painting of her favorite flower? Are there special quotes you hold dear to your heart that you’d like to see every day?


All you need is your canvas—a nice, clean wall—and you’re ready to begin your creation.


Pick a Theme – or No Theme at All!



The location of your collage can set the theme for you most of the time. If you’re looking to fill space in the family room, make a tribute all about family!

Or if you’re filling your bedroom or studio, fill it with words and art that inspire.


Add things that touch you personally. And find a way to hang things that you may have not thought were necessarily hangable! Don't forget about using shelves!

You can pick one or two colors to follow:




Or no color scheme at all:



Add Different Elements!


Let your art guide you in choosing how to express the message of your collage through different elements.

Add a clock, hanging plants, or design pieces like rustic keys to your gallery.




Add meaningful mementos, like the pictures from your wedding, that cool souvenir you got from vacation, or the wooden boat from your childhood home.




You can use all types of mediums here: Art, photography, paintings and more. Sometimes plates can even make a good option!



Putting it Together:

Let the largest pieces be your anchors. Place those first and move the smaller pieces around them. Play around with the orientation of your artwork! If something isn’t quite right in the corner, try it in the middle! It could change the whole look of the assortment.

Pick 2 or 3 types of frames to use and spread them around! Keep a small distance between your pieces to even out the visual flow of the picture.


Tricks of the Trade:

  1. Organize with a surrounding midline or a contained space

  2. Tape pieces of paper that replicate the shapes of your frames to rearrange without the hassle!

  3. Have fun and make it your own!!

    Send us your newest collage walls, tips for creating the perfect look, or any questions you have!



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