Inner Spotlight: Ebone Grayson | Inner Artist

November 28, 2017

If you've been following us, you know that we have some really bad ass artists on our team. We think it's just not fair to keep it under wraps how awesome everyone is, so we're putting them in the spotlight for everyone to meet! 


To continue our series we're introducing you to Ebone Grayson: 


Ebone has a design style we can't get enough of. She brings a creative touch to every piece of art that turns a regular piece into a unique masterpiece. 


I know what you're thinking: How on earth did we find this awesome artist? Hold on, just wait until you get to know her some more. 


What is your design process like?
Well, before I do anything on screen I always start with a warm up. I’ll sit down in my sketchbook and doodle some random characters, faces, and portraits in ink and markers to get the ideas flowing. After my warmup, I’ll create some sketches of what I’d actually like to finalize for Inner Artist, scan them into my computer and use a number of different programs to get the look I’m trying to achieve depending on the subject.


What gives you the most inspiration?
A lot of my inspiration actually comes from Japanese/Korean music videos, artists, and video games. The world is so large, art and design is so expansive, I honestly ask that any aspiring artist take a look overseas to see what’s trendy and popular. Inspiration can strike you anywhere and I think it’s important to expand your horizons to see the full potential.


If you weren't a designer, you'd be ____?

A pediatrician! I love kids, biology, and science! 


How do you know when an art piece is truly finished?

It’s taken me a long time to get to this place but less is truly more. When I can’t think of anything else to add to the piece to ‘enhance it’ I move on to the next task. 


What was the last show you binge watched?

I actually just got through watching Alias Grace on Netflix. It was great, sad but great.


Thanksgiving was just here, what is your favorite festive food? 

A tie between my grandma’s macaroni and my mom’s stuffing! Please don’t make me choose they’re probably both reading this.


What are your hobbies?
Pretty predictable but I do love to draw, but I also love to play video games when I get a minute to myself and catch up on Jojolion. Stalking my favorite K Idols online, you know the usual.


When you were starting out, how would a platform like Inner Artist have played a part in becoming an artist?

It would have opened the doors to a lot more creative routes that I would have never considered taking in the past. Inner Artist gives everyone an opportunity to experiment, mix and match color, shapes and textures together to create really sound pieces of art. Inner Artist gets people out of their comfort zone which is important for growth and just in general fun!


If you found a dog on the street, and wanted to adopt it, what would you rename it?

Park Jimin.


If your five-year-old self was suddenly inhabiting your body, what is the first thing that self would do?

Definitely travel. When I was a girl, I wanted to see so much of the world but wasn't able to. If she had a few days in this body and saw I had a debit card, I’m sure she would just take off! 


Who are your artistic influencers?

That’s such a loaded question: Hikaru Shimoda, Ippei Gyoubu, Hirohiko Araki, Rockin Jellybean, Frank Morrison, Visual Kei (as a whole). 


What piece of art would you like to steal from a museum?

The “Sleeping Satyr”.


Ever since Art History in high school I’ve been in love with the statue I’d love to have that hanging out in my living room.


Pineapple on pizza....what are your feelings? 

I’ve eaten a bowl of baby octopuses... eyes and all, so if you want to eat pineapple on your pizza booboo... by all means.


If animals could talk, which do you think would be the rudest?

A cat hands down. 






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