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December 15, 2017

The best thing about art is that art can be anything.

There aren't a set of must-follow guidelines in order for something to be considered art, and that's what makes each piece unique. 


We're going to be diving into the world of abstract art with this blog to guide you into the concept and to give you some inspiration along the way.  


The Basics

Since an abstract piece can be anything, do just that. If you're just starting out you can keep the design simple with shapes and colors. 


This piece does that well. Minimal brush strokes and two colors is still enough to pull together an entire design piece. 

From there, experiment with different colors and shapes. Choose 3 or 4 of your favorite colors and go from there! Mix them into shapes or brush strokes to keep your abstract design going. 


Find a Pattern 

If you're looking to make a more complex piece, creating a pattern is an easy way to do just that. 


This piece takes one shape and color pattern and creates a pretty awesome pattern. 

Here's an example of expanding a pattern to a fuller design. Using a series of the same shape to create an appearance of a new one is a great way to innovate an abstract piece! Using different shades of a color can create a new look you hadn't considered before. Play around with it until you find a look you like! 

Or you can make a funky version of a normal thing and run with it! Never seen flowers like this before? Well that's all part of the fun.  


Tell a Story & Be Different 

Most art tells a story or conveys a feeling to the artist. Abstract art is no different. Use all of your elements to tell a story that's uniquely your own!  

Fruity, colorful, and totally unique. This piece does feeling conveying and different really well! We love this abstract tropical look with a twist on the usual pineapple and bright color design. Adding geometric details, unique patterns, and contrasting colors makes this piece a perfect abstract example. 


Bright and unique is just what your art piece could be needing. Take an opportunity to stray away from the normal shapes like circles and squares and instead use what your mind gives you! Search for unique shapes in everyday life, other people's art, or from your own creative thoughts. 

Layers of color can add a full color pallete to a piece. Expand your color scheme to a vast set of colors and see what kind of mirage you can make with them all!   


 Be Creative 

Most importantly, make sure to think outside the box and have fun. Let your creativity flow and soon you'll discover your own Inner Artist and be creating your own art. 


Remember, you're the director of your canvas so act like it. Make a piece completely your own, on your terms. Soon, Inner Artist will provide an all in one platform to take the hard part out of the art process so make sure to stay in touch with us so you don't miss out! 



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