Finding Your Inner Artist

December 19, 2017

The most important part in finding Your Inner Artist is figuring out how you see yourself. Art is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and overall personality, and the good news is - everyone has one!  


Navigating your art style and process can be a tricky task. Sometimes it can take all of a person's life to nail down exactly how they want their style to look.  


Start With Favorites 

If you're staring at a blank canvas looking for inspiration, start looking at yourself. 

Think of your favorite things and make them come to life. 

Got a pet you love? Use them as a muse! This might be an opportunity to find your style too. Turn your cat into a cartoon of themselves to try a style that's cute and animated! This graphic look is perfect for the artist because it fully matches their personality. Cute, fun, and uniquely themselves. 


Use nature for inspiration. This piece takes a flamingo and turns it into a full design pattern. The watercolor adds a soft element to an art piece and a flow that matches. This artist has a style that syncs with their personality and interests. Going with the flow but still making careful moves.


You don't have to stay with the animal theme by any means. Take whatever you love and transform it into an art piece you can share, whether that's an object, a person, a mantra, or just a color. 


Figure Out Your Medium

The last two pictures used watercolor and graphic cartoon inspired styles to create pieces unique to each artist. After you've chosen your theme for a piece, next figuring out your medium comes naturally!  


This artist loves flowers and one of the best ways to transform them into art is through paint! Painting is a medium that allows for abstract flow and direction. 


Less clean cut, painting provides a look into the process that went into the piece. Instead it embodies a lot of texture, adding another element to any piece. This artist is less concerned with the details and more interested in the big picture, both in art and life. 



Your interests will guide most decisions in your art pieces and the way you tackle them. An interest in anime guided this piece to an awesome graphic female on top of a geometric background. This abstract digital look is a unique style that fits the artist. 


Practice Makes Perfect 

As with most things, it takes practice. Once you start feeling a certain style, just keep going! Try them all out and remember to think outside the box when searching for inspiration. 


Let us Help

But luckily, we can make the process easier for anyone that's looking to find their Inner Artist. We're preparing an easy to use platform just for you! We're providing the tools and taking away the mess so there's even more room for creativity. 


Join our community and follow us on socials to be the first to know about our official launch and when you can start your journey to discovering your Inner Artist! In the mean time, tell us some of your favorite things and ideas for pieces! 


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