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December 22, 2017

Most of the greatest things have come from thinking outside the box. You know what they say, you don't get new results by doing the same things you've always done. 

As an artist, this is one of the most important lessons to learn. Like most talents, art is a skill and can be exercised, expanded, and perfected. Staying inside your comfort zone with art can make you feel comfortable and safe. But it's when you start to draw outside the lines a bit and use colors that aren't conventionally matched that some great pictures come together. 


Let's walk through the process together, dive into the habits of an artist, and discover the possibilities of doing something differently. 


Asking Questions 


Having an open mind means being willing to see a new perspective. Some questions you can ask yourself when working on a piece to bring about a new look are: "How do I picture this from first thought?" "How would a child look at this?" "What would make this a creative concept?" 


Moreover, you've got to keep your eyes peeled. Look everywhere for inspiration, and we mean everywhere. That fruit stand at the farmer's market? Yep. That weird cloud in the sky that kind of looks like an airplane? Uh-huh. The ring that your coffee made on the breakfast table? You betcha. A good artist doesn't focus in on only one kind of art and subject. They let the direction choose itself. 


It Doesn't Happen Overnight 

An open mind can be hard to sustain, so you need to practice. It is easy to stay within the path your habits have worn into the sand, but it's the challenge of stepping outside of those lines that matters. 


Keeping an open mind means stepping outside your comfort zone. That can be changing your medium, drawing that one thing you can never get right (you know we're talking about sketching hands), or changing the genre of your art altogether. Don't stay confined to one type of art because the options are essentially endless when you're willing to try. 


Spread Your Wings

Let go! Let your creativity flow without any boundaries and fears of failure. Whatever you create will be original, creative, and a one of a kind created by you – and that's what matters. 


It can be difficult to break habits, especially the ones that influence your line of thinking, but with practice you can make it happen. Try not to focus on what has worked or not worked in the past and just do. Mistakes in art are part of the journey to becoming a great artist, embrace them and see what you can transform those mistakes into. 


Don't forget to follow us on socials and join the community below! Tell us some of your habits as an artist and what thinking processes you try to incorporate into your art. If you have a piece that truly speaks to the concept of art with an open mind, we'd love to see it! 




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