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February 2, 2018

Every year, designers and artists alike wait for Pantone to come out with their color of the year. Setting trends and color palettes for the next 12 months, the company has gained a lot of say and well, the future is apparently purple. 
This year, 2018, is the year of Ultra Violet 18-3838.  


Purple...that is a tough color for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love purple.  It is one of the most luxurious and beautiful nature.  I could go on about how many beautiful things there are in nature that inspire a deep love of purple in me, but then I wouldn’t have time to tell you why (in many cases) it doesn’t translate well into decor.


Purple isn’t a love or hate color.  Everyone loves purple…. in nature (see where I am going?).  But when it comes to decor, purple lovers can, well….go overboard.  They are usually all or nothing.  If you are an all-in kind of purple lover….let's be honest….the color can become overwhelming and borderline tacky.  So, I am going to give you a few ideas of how to do purple (the tones and the amount) in a way that works. The subtlety that lends itself to not getting tired of a color too quickly is key.



The front door is a great starting place. The first thing that welcomes your guests into your home says a lot about you. We have all seen the beautiful grape purple doors on a chateau in France, but remember where you are and what style home you have. This is a strong deep purple, but it is a more subtle, sophisticated, color purple that works well with most non-chateau homes.



Instead of going with a bold purple rug, go with a rug that has purple in it! Pair it with a few other colors that make it easy to mix and match items within the space. Both of these rugs are great with white or off white walls, and still keep you in season with color of the year! 




This easy lavender color here is soothing and can work well in a kids, guest, or powder bathroom.



Need a bit of drama? Think about using a wallpaper. The pattern cuts the amount of purple color and adds great visual interest. There are always temporary wallpapers also for those of you that are more afraid of wallpaper than of purple. :-)



Accent furniture is a great way to get your love of purple into a space without taking it over. I mean, this single seater is gorgeous and will make a big impact in the room!



Flowers!  Now we are talking my language.  Add your love of purple to a space with flowers. A bit of floral decor will definitely add a breath of fresh air to a room. 





Beautiful glassware or agate coasters can light up a table or party and add that pop of color and cool factor to the way you host.





Cozying up with a nice muted purple throw that is beautiful enough to belong in any room in your home is always a plus. 




I adore this piece of art by Hulya Ozdemir. The purple is strong and rich but not in your face.  The other colors balance really well.




I like the lightness of this piece of art.  The purple takes up a lot of the focus and leaves just enough white to to have a soothing quality.


So, this is the way I do purple. Since I'm not an 'all-in' kind of person, I find it's easier to do in bits and pieces, subtler, softer, richer, and in moderation. 

Whether or not you love the color of the year, you will be sure to find a place in your home for it keeping your house uniquely you, and also on trend! 






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