Zodiac Series: Pisces and Aquarius | Inner Artist

February 6, 2018

Another start of the month means time for another zodiac sign to shine.  


If you take pride in your sign and are looking for more ways to decorate your space, look no further. 



Being recognized as your zodiac doesn't have to stop with your stubborn habits or loving nature. We're going to show you some ways to bring out your interstellar side in your home.  



As an air sign, you can decorate your home with air plants in creative ways! Hang them from wooden branches, homemade hangers, or terrariums. A great way to bring in fresh air and nature. 


Incorporate clouds and air flow into your bedroom. 


More options for wallpaper to highlight your airy side. 


Fish scales for the Pisces inside you. This is a fun and subtle way to incorporate your sign into a bathroom! 


Or forget being subtle and go all out! Stay true to your Pisces self and use artistic fish to accent your bathroom walls. 


Use clouds as a fun way to decorate a kids play room! Fun and airy for the air signs. 


Mount decorative fish on the wall for the picses in your life. The beautiful silver adds glam to a modern coastal look. 


Whether you're an air, earth, water, or fire sign, you can find a way to honor your sign in your home! 


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