Inner Spotlight: Ashley Spofford | Inner Artist

February 19, 2018

We can't brag enough about the artists on our team. Over the months we have curated a strong, talented, and diverse team of creators and one by one, we're introducing all of them to you! 


So up to today is the one putting those sayings you love into art, Ashley! 


With a unique style all her own, she brings the fun, the punny, and the wisdom into our art pieces. Take a look at some of her work: 




So let's get to know her a little then? 



What kind of art do you practice? How long have you been making art?


I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. I painted a lot as a child before moving into more digital art in college.


How did you get into lettering?

Well my mom taught me how to write in cursive when I was 4 so I had always enjoyed it and then in high school I had a really hard time paying attention and not falling asleep in class, so to keep busy and stay awake during lectures I would write my friends notes and letter their names in fancy fonts on them. This was back before I even knew lettering was going to become the next big fad.


What is your spirit animal?

I feel as if my spirit animal is my dog. He is just as weird and awkward and goofy as I am. He is just a lot cuter.


Best birthday party you had as a kid?

I had a birthday party one year where my birthday cake was a pizza and we had it in my backyard and everyone ended up getting thrown in the pool in the middle of December (including my mom) and it was just a lot of dumb childish fun.


Describe your art process for us. Where do you start?

I’m not too much of a sketcher. I tend to just dive right in, which at times bites me in the butt, but most of the time works out fine and allows me to really commit to whatever project I’m working on. I find when I sketch too much first the idea becomes watered down and I overthink it completely.


What is your ideal relaxation day?

My ideal day of relaxation would be either on a boat, or on the beach with my pup and a nice bottle of champagne.


Did you have a joke you would always tell as a kid that still makes you laugh today?

My best friend and I when we were around 8 or 9 would always say “Don’t you potato my tomato” and I have no idea how it came about or why but it still always makes both of us laugh to this day.


What’s your anthem for 2018?

There’s a song called Daylight by Beauvois and it’s an extremely feel good song and just kind of makes you feel like you are going on an adventure whenever you listen to it. I want to have a lot of moments in 2018 that make me feel the same way as that song.



Favorite art piece by someone else?

Deferred Promise, 2015, a 15 color lithograph by Will Cotton. Or really anything by Gustav Klimt. His ornate use of patterns mesmerizes me. 




What trend are you embarrassed to say you absolutely love?

I don’t know if I can think of a trend, but I do have a really bad habit of ironically using trendy words like “lit” or “yolo” so much that it slowly actually becomes part of my vocabulary. 


Best example of fake it till you make it?

One of my first freelance projects a few years back was a time I said that it wouldn’t be a problem to letter 200 wedding place cards by hand in one week. At this point I had in fact never lettered or made wedding place cards before so I was flying blind. It involved an extreme lack of sleep that week but I got it all done, and they somehow turned out great!


Most creative spot in Orlando?

Stardust Coffee & Video is my go-to creative space. There is always such an amazing mixture of people, and plenty of seating so you never have to worry about not finding a seat. They also allow you to bring dogs inside so I don’t have to leave my pup at home while I work which is a huge plus! 



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